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2023 Mosman Art Prize
Saturday 23 September - Sunday 29 October

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A Guide to Australia's

Top 100 Artists

W h o ' s   H o t   &   C o l l e c t a b l e   i n   A u s t r a l i a n   A r t

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Clare Brodie

Image: Clare Brodie

Our Featured Artist 

Clare Brodie

 Clare Brodie is an Australian artist based in Sydney. She is predominately a landscape painter who draws a sense of peace as she deciphers the complexities of nature.  Her paintings reflect her emotional experiences: she creates order and harmony by the use of reduced saturated colour schemes in striking combinations. Clare is an observational artist using scale and placement to create semi-abstract art works that still time.

More information is available here.

Our Top100Artists list of this year's hottest collectable artists includes emerging, mid-career or established artists.  Their ascendency in the art world is not by chance or any reliance on a subjective assessment of their artwork.  In a competitive art market, the popularity and success of these artists is testament above all to their talent, professionalism and social media reach, with their careers going from strength to strength. 

Please note, our Top100Artists list does not constitute financial advice.  We strongly recommend you obtain independent financial or expert advice when considering your next art purchase.

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Tony Windberg, Wonders of the Worlds XIII, 2022

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