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A Guide to Australia's

Top 100 Artists

' W  h  o  '  s     H  o  t    &    C  o  l  l  e  c  t  a  b  l  e    i  n    C  o  n  t  e  m  p  o  r   y    A  r  t '

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Image: Ben Aitken

Our Featured Artist 

Benjamin Aitken

Ben Aitken co-founded the Melbourne gallery Nicholas Projects and is a frequent collaborator with Jon Cattapan.  He was awarded a highly commended place in the 2014 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture ... He has four times been a finalist in the Archbald Prize and was the winner of the Tony Fini Foundation Prize at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.  He has shown at the Haengchen Art Museum in China, the University of Arizona, and had a major solo show at TARS Gallery in Bangkok in 2019.  (Extract from catalogue essay, 'You're so vain I bet you think these paintings are about you', opens 25 February 2023 at Scott Lawrie Gallery, Auckland)

Our Top100Artists list of this year's hottest collectable artists includes emerging, mid-career or established artists.  Their ascendency in the art world is not by chance or any reliance on a subjective assessment of their artwork.  In a competitive art market, the popularity and success of these artists is testament above all to their talent, with their careers going from strength to strength. 

Please note, our Top100Artists list does not constitute financial advice.  We strongly recommend you obtain independent financial or expert advice when considering your next art purchase.

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