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A Guide to Australia's

Top 100 Artists

W h o ' s   H o t   &   C o l l e c t a b l e   i n   A u s t r a l i a n   A r t

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Eliza Gosse

Image: Eliza Gosse

Our Featured Artist 

Eliza Gosse

Eliza Gosse explores life through the lens of architecture – specifically the clean, simple lines of post-war and mid-century design. Drawn to forms produced decades before she herself was born, Gosse creates paired back images that are not so much a depiction as an evocation of an era or place, or the people who may once have lived there. Sleek, stylised, and given quirky titles snatched from pop culture, they’re enhanced by a muted colour palette that bathes each scene in nostalgia and encourages viewers to imagine what

memories might be held within the walls.


Eliza Gosse is an alumna of the National Art School, Sydney, graduating a Master of Fine Art in 2019. A multiple award recipient, she has won the Mosman Alan Gamble Award (2022), National Art School and Parkers Sydney Fine Art Award (2019); the William Fletcher Grant for Emerging Artists (2018); the John Olsen Drawing Prize, National Art School (2017). Gosse has also been a Finalist in the Archibald Prize (2023, 2022); Wynne Prize (2020); Salon des Refusés at S.H Ervin (2022); Mosman Art Prize (2022, 2020, 2017); Paddington Art Prize (2021); Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize (2020, 2019, 2018).


Gosse is currently practicing in Sydney and represented by Edwina Corlette Gallery (Brisbane) and Olsen Gallery (Sydney)

Our Top100Artists list of this year's hottest collectable artists includes emerging, mid-career or established artists.  Their ascendency in the art world is not by chance or any reliance on a subjective assessment of their artwork.  In a competitive art market, the popularity and success of these artists is testament above all to their talent, with their careers going from strength to strength. 

Please note, our Top100Artists list does not constitute financial advice.  We strongly recommend you obtain independent financial or expert advice when considering your next art purchase.

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