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4 November 2023 - 10 March 2024

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A Guide to Australia's

Top 100 Artists

W h o ' s   H o t   &   C o l l e c t a b l e   i n   A u s t r a l i a n   A r t

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Image: Dagmar Cyrulla

Our Featured Artist 

Dagmar Cyrulla

"My work is about feelings, based on how we relate to one another. My aim is to engage the viewer in the same thought process as mine, so as to open an opportunity to self questioning. My paintings are stories which hopefully reflect my love of people. The life experiences I use to develop my work include; Father and daughter relationships, power relationships, relationships to parents, being and having a role model, sibling rivalry etc.  I have clarity with each artwork in regard to the ideas I am exploring, however  it is more important for me to be engaged emotionally with each work.  I play with colour and light to help create the mood that I want the viewer to experience."

Dagmar Cyrulla

Our Top100Artists list of this year's hottest collectable artists includes emerging, mid-career or established artists.  Their ascendency in the art world is not by chance or any reliance on a subjective assessment of their artwork.  In a competitive art market, the popularity and success of these artists is testament above all to their talent, professionalism and social media reach, with their careers going from strength to strength. 

Please note, our Top100Artists list does not constitute financial advice.  We strongly recommend you obtain independent financial or expert advice when considering your next art purchase.

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Tony Windberg, Wonders of the Worlds XIII, 2022

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