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John Wolseley

The Quiet Conservationsist 

Gippsland Art Gallery

2 December 2023 - 18 February 2024

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Our Top 100 Hottest
Collectable A


Our Top 100 list of the hottest collectable artists living, working and exhibiting in Australia surveys the current Contemporary Art scene for stand-out artists, whose work features prominently in recent exhibitions, award listings, publications and across high-profile media platforms, earning them commercial success and critical acclaim in a highly competitive art world.  


This list we hope brings into the light arguably the best of the best Australian painters, photographers and sculptors making art in 2023.

Click on the artist's image below to learn more about the artist, and their latest work and gallery contacts. These artists' profiles are arranged in no particular order.  Enjoy!

* Please note, this website is not operated by or affiliated with any art gallery or other business entity.  The artists and their professional profiles are presented here for information purposes only.

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