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So what makes good art?


This question occupies much of our thinking.


We are an enthusiastic group of working artists, academics, commentators, gallerists and art collectors committed to recognising and promoting talented contemporary artists and their works.


Importantly this exercise is not about us, so we choose to remain anonymous.  It is all about the art and the artists.  And while we don't always agree on who should be included in our Top100Artists, we all agree that the art world can be difficult to navigate without a little help.  


Picking winners we know today is far from an accurate science, but in our view these artists are ones-to-watch. Many are far from new to the art scene, having built solid reputations over a long period of time. Others on our list are emerging artists with exciting careers ahead.

And even though our list is not the first or only such resource available today, we think it captures an exciting group of painters, photographers and sculptors. 

So we believe our list based on the lively input of respected artists, writers, and art industry figures is an ever-timely and worthwhile resource - even if we fall out arguing with a few of our drinking buddies during its compilation.

Happy viewing art lovers!

Please seek independent financial or professional advice that takes into account your personal circumstances when considering an art purchase.  The content of this website does not constitute financial advice in any form whatsoever.

Life is art. Art is life. I never separate it.

Ai Weiwei

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